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Mobile, Web & Desktop Testing

Cross Browser Testing

Flash, Flex, Silverlight

Script-based Testing

Functional Testing

Distributed Testing

iOS & Android Testing

Keyword Testing

Regression Testing


.NET and WFP

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TestComplete 10's mobile device support will be a huge upgrade for us. TestComplete 10 is very intuitive for any automation tool user.
We're big fans.

 - Clayton Rector, Autotec

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Automate your Web, mobile and desktop app testing. 
Customize the TestComplete platform to suit your needs.

Automatic functional test recording and playback.

It’s as easy as starting the recorder and running your GUI application through a test use case

Wizard-based dialogs that create extensive and robust regression tests

Automatic conversion of recorded tests into any of five scripting languages

Cross-Browser Web Testing. Create tests using one browser and run them in any other supported browser without making any changes to the tests

Immediate replay of created tests. They can also be batched to run on a set schedule

Built-in support for popular third-party visual components such as Microsoft, Developer Express, Syncfusion and Infragistics

Complete testing environment for Web applications under Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Chrome

Support for Web 2.0 and RIA technologies like AJAX, Adobe Flex, Flash, and MS Silverlight

Detailed test logs that include results of all test operations as well as screenshots of the tested application


Nick Olivo
SmartBear Sales Engineer

Script-free testing for new users. Powerful features for advanced users. 

The Complete Automated Testing Solution

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