QAPlanner by SmartBear Software is a 100% free Test Management Tool that helps QA teams manage test cases, analyze results and a lot more and is completely web based so there is nothing to install, just sign up.

With QAPlanner you can:

  • Organize, manage and re-use your manual test case libraries any way you like.

  • Review manual test run results from release to release to help diagnose software quality.

  • Add, print, edit or email test cases with a single click.

  • Includes sophisticated reports and dashboards to help guide process improvement for testing teams.

  • Available OnDemand – anytime. No installation or hardware needed. Supports all major browsers, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Google Chrome.

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QAPlanner packs ten years of innovation neatly into a new free version. To be sure we didn’t miss anything during the packing, we have launched this as public Beta. But don’t worry, any software updates will happen behind the scenes and you will be able to seamlessly continue to use your data.


Get Instant access and start managing your test cases. No strings attached - No monthly payments, no credit cards, entirely free to use.
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Immediately manage your manual test library, track your progress and analyze test results

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