QAComplete by SmartBear Software is an award winning Test Case Management Software that helps software development teams manage and trace requirements, project deliverables, test cases, defects, and a lot more and is not dependent on the type of software development methodology you choose. QAComplete also integrates with our automated testing tools and can manage your manual test cases.

With QAComplete you can:

  • Automation Engineers and QA professionals can create automated test cases that can be re-used as a smoke test or in a full regression suite.

  • Testers spend less time regression testing existing features. By scheduling them to automatically run, the team can spend more time thinking about creative ways to test the product, and less time performing repetitious, tedious regression testing tasks.

  • Automated tests can be launched from build software like Automated BuildStudio, Hudson, and CruiseControl.

  • Automation of regression tests is also a key component of iterative development.

  • Manage manual test cases and link them back to the original requirements, thereby ensuring a requirement has been met. Evaluate the test run history of those automated tests right from QAComplete.

  • Employ re-usable manual test libraries to quickly create new test scenarios.

  • Graphically report automated test runs with plug-ins for many leading automated testing tools, including TestComplete and HP Quick Test Pro (QTP).

  • Organize your test library any way you like: by component, functional area, release, or Agile sprint.

  • Add, print, edit, or email test cases with a single click.

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QAComplete provides you with insight into what to test, ensures comprehensive test planning and test execution coverage, establishes traceability between requirements, test cases and code, manages defect resolution for ones found during testing, and enables measurement of project readiness through reports and dashboards.

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