You have probably run into quality issues when your Agile organization is siloed by function and team. Often, this is compounded by two reasons – not focusing enough on quality early in the development process, and a poorly integrated set of development and test tools that work outside of Visual Studio. What are the best strategies to pursue to make your process more streamlined?

In this webinar, learn about strategies and tools that will help you implement an effective code review process, perform adequate unit, manual, and automated functional tests, and also ensure that you have optimal code coverage. Doing all of this within Visual Studio will help you break down barriers across teams and help you deliver better quality software faster, better, and more efficiently. 

What you'll learn:  

  • Strategies to ensure quality results from design, development, and test using Visual Studio.
  • Tips for customizing Visual Studio to set up an effective development and test process.
  • How to use key Visual Studio integrations to break down silos within teams.
  • Successful practices implemented in the industry using Visual Studio.
  • Ways to use Visual Studio to effectively manage projects throughout the life cycle.

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Webinar Speakers:
Nikhil Kaul
Product Marketing Manager, Test
Rick Almeida
Sales Engineer, Dev