Wednesday, May 27 at 3:00 PM EST (19:00 GMT) 

So, your API is completed and ready for production – now all you need to do is encourage its usage and promote shared understanding among developers & consumers of the API. While Ready! API ensures the delivery of accurate, scalable, and safe APIs, APIMatic takes care of the developer’s part by helping them to consume APIs in their favorite language. Wondering how useful would it be to combine both facilities in a single software? That's exactly what we thought, and the result is the APIMatic plug-in for Ready API.

This webinar will show you the ins and outs of the APIMatic plug-in, and will also elucidate the potential benefits for the users.

In this webinar, you will learn:

      • How to generate and maintain SDKs for an API in the major programming languages including Java, Objective-C, C#, PHP, Python, Ruby and AngularJS
      • How to generate code the way you want it via a range of available styling and configuration options.
      • How to tweak the settings for different languages, and get idomatic code.
      • How to import APIs from (there are 8000+ open APIs to choose from) to test them in Ready! API.

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Using APIMatic in Ready! API to Generate SDK's for any Developer