Agile development is highly iterative, and relies upon the rapid development of software and early feedback. These practices are well understood and practiced in the mature application development teams, and enterprises have succeeded in accelerating time to market, improving quality and reducing costs. With new technologies and processes that have hit the market, these same benefits can now be delivered to API development teams. Combining API definition with API virtualization allows development teams to rapidly specify and prototype, and even test their projects, all before writing any code.

Join the API specialists from SmartBear and its partner Vanick, as we show how companies are connecting the REST definition framework Swagger with SmartBear’s API virtualization solution, ServiceV.

In this interactive and informative session, you’ll learn:

    • The concept of definition-driven development
    • Details about Swagger and SwaggerHub
    • The secrets behind API virtualization, and SmartBear ServiceV
    • Connecting definition and prototype to solicit rapid feedback and validation
    • Definition-driven development in the API development lifecycle


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Webinar Speakers:

Tony Tam
Vice President of Products, Creator of Swagger
SmartBear Software
Lou Powell
Vanick Digital
John Purcell
Vice President, API Products
SmartBear Software