Exceptional API delivery requires extensive testing – You test for function and performance. You test SOAP and REST. You test all of the things. But inevitably, real-world scenarios will vastly outnumber those designed in your automated testing process. How can you ensure that your testing covers the scenarios your API will encounter in the wild?

Dynamic data enables you to simulate many conditions quickly in your automated testing process, and the same data should be easy to generate, inject, and verify the results with throughout the testing process. Without data-driven testing, you just don’t know what situations your tests are missing – until your consumers find them for you.

In this webinar, hosted by Robert Schneider, WiseClouds API Training Expert, and Paul Bruce, SmartBear API Product Manager, you will learn:

      • Today’s API testing realities, and the discrepancies between API tests and real-world use cases 
      • The benefits of data-driven testing, and the risks of not incorporating this testing strategy
      • Best practices for data-driven testing including key strategies and popular data sources
      • How to use SoapUI NG Pro, LoadUI NG Pro, and virtualization to optimize your data-driven testing process



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Data-Driven Testing: 

Best Practices for Real-World Testing Scenarios

Webinar Speakers:
Paul Bruce
SmartBear API Product Manager
Robert Schneider
WiseClouds API Training Expert