The pressure to deliver better APIs faster and cheaper is rising; survey results indicate that increasing demands for speed of delivery is the #1 challenge for producing high-quality APIs this year. But we’re not getting more hours in the day, and short of bending the laws of physics, how do you increase your output and build your best APIs faster than ever?


The answer is API virtualization. But how do you actually implement this program in your company in order to see results? SmartBear customers have been virtualizing APIs, and we’ll use practical examples from 3 companies tell you how to do it in your organization.

What you'll learn:

  • How organizations speed time-to-market by reducing dependencies between API development and testing teams
  • How companies have lowered delivery costs by overcoming third party rate limits
  • How organizations achieve expanded testing capabilities by controlling API conditions
  • A live demonstration of ServiceV


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Webinar Speakers:

Gail Shlansky
Product Owner, SmartBear Virtualization
SmartBear Software

Chris Riley
HKM Consulting