Your website and mobile apps are getting slower, but you don’t know why. What you need is better visibility.

API load testing along with non-functional regression testing gives you the very best shot at maintaining a rock-solid user experience moving into the holidays, where it is vital that your apps and sites perform to their very best.

Join the performance team at SmartBear along with industry experts Mark Tomlinson and Michael J. Punsky as we show how you can maintain confidence and agility during the holidays to make them as happy and stress-free as we all know they should be.

In this exclusive knowledge-share over web performance, you’ll see how you can:

      • Resolve regression and performance problems at the same time in your API delivery process
      • Use anyone on your team to perform API load testing to find concurrency problems
      • Confirm performance fixes in your production environment using API monitoring

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API Functional Testing & Load Testing:
A Perfect Match with SoapUI NG Pro & LoadUI NG Pro

Webinar Speakers:

Mark Tomlinson
Performance Engineer
Performance Sherpa 

Michael Punsky
President, FTL Metrics