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Originally aired June 25, 2014 

An API-first approach to building APIs is a powerful way to enable your team to work on different aspects of an API solution simultaneously while still ensuring that it meets your technical and business expectations. Starting with an API description is core to this approach – a clearly written service description makes it much easier for team members to collaborate from the very beginning. API mocking enables your team to build tests, clients and the server implementation for your API all at the same time.

This webinar, presented by Mulesoft's Sumit Sharma and SmartBear's Ole Lensmar, explains “API Development First” principles. This methodology ensures that you don’t waste time coding the wrong thing. Your business analysts, testers and costumers will thank you for it! 

What you'll learn:

    • How to model your API with RAML so your business people can sleep, knowing that your API meets their needs
    • How to generate server-side code from your RAML definition
    • How to use SoapUI to generate dynamic mocks of your API based on the RAML definition
    • How to test those mocks and create a test framework in SoapUI
    • How to use those tests for Continuous Integration and production monitoring

Sumit Sharma
BREAKOle Lensmar

Sumit Sharma 
Director at Mulesoft

Ole Lensmar 
CTO at SmartBear 

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