Application Performance Management is in a period of rapid transformation and heightened focus in the tech industry. In order to keep up, APM must evolve quickly--far beyond its beginnings of simply pinging a server to see if it is up--to new, more sophisticated techniques which monitor every detail of every user interaction. In this rapidly changing, complex environment, how can you actively manage end-user experience? How can you be sure the applications on which your business runs are optimized for performance?

Watch this information-packed on-demand webinar to gather valuable insights on the current and future state of application performance from two leading experts. You will learn everything you need to know about how emerging trends and technologies are reshaping the industry, and takeaway both technical and organizational aspects to help you make informed decisions now and in the future.

This on-demand webinar presentation covers:

    • The Complete View: 5 dimensions of a full-featured APM solution
    • 4 key technologies/approaches that enable end-user experience monitoring
    • 5 basic types of IT Operations Analytics
    • Managing quality, performance and user experience throughout the application lifecycle
    • Changes and implications brought on by DevOps and Continuous Delivery
    • Expert predictions for APM futures
    • How SmartBear is re-envisioning APM with AlertSite UXM, the evolutionary new unified platform built for the whole software team to manage end user experience, quality and performance throughout the application lifecycle

Jonah Kowall
BREAKDenis Goodwin

Jonah Kowall 
VP Research, Gartner 

Denis Goodwin
Director of Product Management, APM, SmartBear