90% of Expedia’s multibillion dollar revenue comes from APIs. Over 60% of eBay listings are added using APIs. The total number of APIs – internal and external - is projected to be 250K by 2016.

If you are an API provider, a consumer, or most likely both, you understand the significance and enormity of the API economy. APIs are the core building blocks of modern applications. The APIs you consume bring data and services to your applications, drive traffic and accelerate internal projects. The APIs you provide generate revenue, increase footprint and open a path to innovation. However, a slow-performing or nonfunctional API can break it all, costing you time and money.

To ensure control, quality, and visibility, it is essential to understand the challenges at various stages of API lifecycle and how to overcome them. Laura Heritage, the Director of API Strategy at Akana, joins us on Nov 17th as we explore the ways to achieve API awesomeness!

In this webinar you will learn 

      •  How APIs are leading the digital transformation
      •  How to ensure security, control and quality for your APIs
      •  The importance of availability, functional correctness AND performance
      •  How to gain a 360 degree view of your APIs


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