We all know that peer review works: it leads to better software, plain and simple. But most will also agree that implementing a successful peer review program can be very challenging. Without the proper techniques and approach, that is. 

This session presents an overview of the technical, social and cultural aspects of software peer reviews for managers, customer representatives, and other stakeholders in the software process. It distinguishes peer reviews from other types of project reviews and describes the benefits that various project participants can reap from reviews.

Speaker: Karl Wiegers Karl's Bio

Watch this this information-packed on-demand webinar featuring best-selling software engineering author Karl Wiegers to learn everything you need to know about implementing and executing a highly successful peer code review process.

Topics include:

  • Key success factors vital for any review program
  • An overview of the peer review formality spectrum
  • Major characteristics of inspections and other types of less formal reviews
  • 10 signs of management commitment checklist
  • Traps to avoid
  • Do’s and don’ts