Can I Really Roll-out a Code Review Process
That Doesn’t Suck?

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A successful rollout of code review can eliminate bugs, reduce costs and improve team morale.

Too many people think of code reviews the way they used to be done – a small group of people get together in a meeting room with no windows and low light and get a headache as they study printouts of code looking for errors. That sucks! Luckily things have changed! Today, code reviews integrate directly into the IDEs and SCMs you use every day. Code reviews are Agile: Top performing agile teams mandate peer code reviews, and use software to make the process easier. But be mindful: Regardless of the code review software you choose, if your team is not on-board with code review then you face a rocky road ahead. When code reviews are implemented incorrectly, they can damage team morale, kill productivity, and actually decrease code quality. That also sucks.

Learn how to get started with code review, be successful, and have great reviews!
View this on-demand presentation as code review expert, John Lockhart, walks through how to kick off and set up a code review process. Regardless of what software you use for peer code review, if you attend this Webinar, you’ll hear meaningful tips about how to implement the process of review. 

In this informative presentation, you'll learn:

  • The most effective ways to socialize code review across teams
  • What areas of code to review first and when to review them
  • How to integrate code review with other quality processes
  • Why code review is even more effective when done in parallel with static analysis
  • How to prepare for reviews
  • How to get your Boss on board

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Let me show you how to conduct truly Agile code reviews

John Lockhart
Product Manager,
Peer Review Products