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Collaborator is the only tool built explicitly for both code review as well as document and artifact review. It makes the review process simple. Collaborator allows users to provide collaborate on code and artifacts quickly and easily. No more busy-work, marked-up print-outs, or meetings.

Why Choose Collaborator?

With Collaborator, authors set up reviews with as many reviewers and observers as they wish. Each participant can see a central view of the code or document and offer feedback and comments without changing the content. The author can then respond to comments either by modifying content or commenting back to the reviewer. Why is this important?

No more busy-work, marked-up print-outs, or meetings.

Code Review, Doc Review, One Tool.

    • Helps you manage code AND Document review: Collaborator is the only solution for code review as well as document and artifact review
    • Continuity across teams: Everyone can see the always current document version and any changes made, so you always have visibility into changes
    • Asynchronous or chat-like collaboration: Participants are notified of reviews and can review on their own time. Authors can review all of the comments – and even view them in real-time. Great for distributed teams!
    • Highly customizable workflows: Collaborator is the most customizable solution for peer review. It adjusts to your workflow rather than you having to adjust to it
    • Extensive metrics and reporting: Collaborator offers over 100 pre-built reports, providing you insight into team performance, and giving you the information you need to improve
    • Best-in-class support: According to our customers, technical support is a key ingredient to their satisfaction with Collaborator