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Code review doesn’t have to be painful. Whether you do manual or tool-assisted reviews, this white paper offers insightful tips and advice that makes the code review process easier. SmartBear is happy to share our top 11 best practices, gathered from extensive customer feedback, field tested and proven effective at saving developers’ time and finding bugs. Use these techniques to get the most from your reviews, improve the quality of your code, and remove the pain!

White paper highlights include:

  • Why lightweight code reviews are efficient, practical and effective
  • How to establish quantifiable goals for reviews
  • Specific recommendations for efficient and effective reviews including what to review and how long to review to maintain optimal concentration
  • Metrics to watch, such as inspection rate, defect rate, and defect density
  • Why check lists improve results for authors and reviewers
  • How to establish a good review culture

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11 Best Practices of Peer Code Review